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That girl Claire
Fated to pretend
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25th-Dec-2008 12:44 am(no subject)
lom sam jump

Hope you all have a great day and I'm sure I'll be back before the end of it!
10th-Oct-2008 09:28 pm(no subject)
lom sam jump
Hey, can anybody recommend a really good internet security/anti-virus software that's free? My norton subscription has run out and to be honest I'm not sure about it anyway... =/

Also, my computer just 5 minutes ago completely restarted itself and I have no idea why, and it keeps shutting itself off if I leave it on and go away, and then next time I turn it on says it was a forced/incorrect shut down. HELP. =(
1st-Nov-2007 07:19 pm(no subject)
lom sam jump
HAPPY BIRTHDAY yaminokurisu!! XD


31st-Oct-2007 05:48 pm(no subject)
lom sam jump

31st-Oct-2007 11:50 am(no subject)
lom sam jump
HAPPY BIRTHDAY waitingtohappen!! XD


18 at last :P :D
13th-Sep-2007 01:01 am - Iconses
lom sam jump
Okay, so as I said, I made those John Simm icons earlier today/yesterday. Now I'm far from a great icon maker or anything, but goingxmissing has practically FORCED me into posting them. XD So behind the cut are 33 John Simm icons.

OMG CUTCollapse )
29th-Aug-2005 10:39 pm - Resources: Brushes/Bases/Text
lom sam jump
I decided this list was getting too big for my userinfo, so I put it here... I'm about to go find the entries where I got things, so I can come back and add them here...

Read more...Collapse )

If you see me using your bases/borders/textures and I haven't credited you here, please let me know so I can add you...
13th-Sep-2003 01:12 am(no subject)
lom sam jump
Aside from the odd entry, this journal of mine is now
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